Are you moving into a new home soon? Despite being very exciting, it can also be an incredibly stressful time trying to pack all your belongings, book moving vans, and tie up any loose paperwork such as bills and change of address. Check out our list of tips to get you ready for the big day.

Start packing early

Quite often the thought is worse than the deed! If you break it down into smaller tasks, such as focusing on a room at a time or packing away items you definitely won’t be needing, it can feel a lot less daunting. Alternatively, you can always pay someone to pack up your house for you!

Disassemble furniture in advance

Disassembling anything that may not fit through the door in advance, will save you a lot of time and stress on moving day.

Have a clear-out in advance

You’ll have enough to take with you so you don’t want to be taking anything you don’t want to keep. It can be quite satisfying to clear unwanted belongings and donating them to charity – of throwing anything that is no good!

Who will be helping you move

Depending on your budget and how much you need to move, you’ll need to figure out which service you require – do you have friends or family to help you, or will you be relying solely on a man and a van? It is always good to book vans in advance and shop about for the best quote offering the best service to suit your needs.

Boxes and labels

Large zipped laundry bags are inexpensive and great for moving linens, shoes, and clothes. Labelling boxes may sound very obvious but clearly marking boxes will make life so much easier when you come to unpack them.

Which room?

Create an inventory of furniture and mark which room it will be going in – this makes it easier for those moving heavy, bulky items. It will also determine whether your furniture will fit through the doors!

Essentials box

Packing the kettle, tea, coffee, and loo roll last will mean you will unpack this first – these are likely to be a necessity when you arrive! It’s worth keeping remote controls, phone chargers, and anything you may need to find quickly in the same box. Be sure to keep jewellery and valuables in a safe place.

Make your bed

Knowing where your linen is and making your bed early on, will mean you can crash at the end of the day without having a further job to do before you can relax! You have made it to your new home, you can now relax and take time to unpack the rest of the boxes!

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