With Summer coming many will be considering selling their home with a view to moving onto pastures new.

Late Spring and Summer is recognised as a great time to sell, largely because the weather is better, the days are longer, the garden looks brighter and we are all coming out of quasi hibernation, especially this year! As with all things, first impressions count and presenting your home well is so much easier on a sunny spring day.

Here are some other things to consider before placing your house on the market;
  • Undertake a full spring clean! This has several benefits. First of all, it’s amazing how easily we get used to grubby door frames, piles of kids’ toys and broken blinds. Take a full inventory of what needs to be tidied, fixed or refreshed and get to it!
  • Clean your carpets and curtains. This action is worthwhile anyway, but before you present your home to strangers why not give your home a thorough deep clean? If you have pets or smokers in your home then the improvement in odour alone is worthwhile.
  • Make sure to clean all the windows inside and out. Clean windows make a huge difference to the appearance of a place, especially from inside on a sunny day.
  • Tidy the garden, perhaps invest £30 – £50 in some attractive early flowering plants and make sure the lawn is well cut and trimmed. Clean all paths free of moss and make sure the front garden and pathway are tidy and well-presented.
  • If the front door could benefit from a refresh or even redecoration, do it. And perhaps consider investing in an attractive door knocker (if you have a handsome front door).
  • Make sure that oxidation on bathroom taps is no more. Nothing tarnishes a home more than that ‘grubby, lived-in look’.
  • Make sure the kids keep their rooms tidy (OK, maybe that’s too big a task) or at least make sure they help tidy before viewings.
  • The cliche of making bread, boiling coffee and fresh flowers in the entrance hall and living room are cliches for a reason. They help set the scene.
  • Don’t redecorate entirely. Tastes vary too much. But do consider a refresh of doors, door frames and scuffed walls, where needed. Use neutral colours.

So there is a start for you. In addition, make sure to make ready the following;

  • Evidence of the average energy bills – very important since the rise in energy prices
  • The broadband connection speed available where you are
  • The council tax bill
  • Have evidence of what other homes locally have sold for. You might not mention it, but if a potential buyer starts down that route, at least you’re prepared.
  • Get all your paperwork together for the conveyancer. This will include any warranties you might have for work done and for white goods you might be leaving. If you are likely to need a new mortgage then you should be collating all your PAYE information, etc.

If your home has particular features such as an open fire, a large kitchen or a spectacular garden, make sure to present them well. Let the features sell for you.

James Achille
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